Close call…student night out

Never feel pressured into drinking something you don’t want to, it is not worth the risk.

Going on a night out with your friends comes with its risks and dangers especially when you have a nut allergy. Make sure you always tell your friends about your allergies as there have been many occasions that I have been given drinks on nights out, and you don’t know what’s in it, so always ask.

This is especially true when your slightly intoxicated, there have been a few times when a friend has given me a cocktail and have forgotten to ask the bartender if it contains nuts. Make sure you always double check.

One occasion that really stood out to me was when I was given a drink from a friend on a student night out. Just before I was going to drink it I asked what was in it. The drink happened to contain amaretto. This was an honest mistake from a friend.

The next day my friend told me when I placed my drink on the side, a girl at the bar reached over and took a sip. This girl wasn’t too lucky, as she was also allergic to nuts. She had a mild allergic reaction to the cocktail that night. It goes to show that never take a drink from someone unless you know what’s in it.

Most likely you’ll find yourself at university joining a society and will come across a time and place, when you have to down a dirty pint that involves a mixture of every alcoholic drink you can imagine.


As always make sure you double check it does not involve any drink containing nuts, or if you’re not sure don’t be peer pressured into drinking it. Never feel pressured into drinking something you don’t want to, it is not worth the risk.

Going on a night out with your friends at university should be fun, as long as your aware what’s happening around you and don’t take any free drinks from any strangers. The main drinks that catch you out are usually cocktails and shots. Always ask and double check with a member of staff before taking a mouthful. As you get older you will self-consciously think about what you’re drinking, so you don’t have to check with every member of staff every time you order a drink.

I mentioned in the previous dating article you sometimes have to be aware of kissing girls on a night out. If they have eaten nuts, you have got to be cautious but don’t let your allergy take the fun out of your night out.

I have put together a list of drinks you should avoid to give you a better insight into what to look out for on a night out. Some of these drinks you will probably never come across, but it gives you a better understanding. It surprises me why some manufacturers feel the need to add nuts to a drink, as if nuts in food isn’t enough to worry about, now you have to watch what you drink as well!

Finally, the best piece of advice I could give to nut allergy suffers is always be aware of what your drinking on nights out, especially when it comes to cocktails. Don’t be scared to ask a member of staff what’s in the drink. Always let the people around you know about your nut allergy because it could save your life one day.


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