Have you eaten nuts today?

I made sure I prepared the girl for the big question. While talking to each other before the inevitable moment, I brought up my nut allergy
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I think this is a very important topic which doesn't really get covered enough on allergy blogs, as I feel most allergy blogs are aimed at parents rather than the teenagers/young adults with allergies. Being 25 years old, I have had my fair share of dating experiences and living the student life and going out 4 days a week.

However, it is a very important issue to cover and it will undoubtedly affect you at some point in your life. Before getting into a relationship, one of the scariest things about dating girls for me was kissing them. I used to literally keep myself up at night, wondering how would I go about saying the mood-killing phrase…”Have you eaten nuts today?”. Those five words used to burden my mind so much that I honestly thought that after hearing that phrase, no girl would ever want to come near me.

Eventually, when faced with the situation on a boozy student night out, I was brave enough to mutter a few pathetic syllables that could save my life one day. When it happened for the first time and I asked a girl on a night out “Have you eaten nuts today?” I made sure I prepared the girl for the big question. While talking to each other before the inevitable moment, I brought up my nut allergy, carefully slipping it into the conversation and alerting her to the fact, that if she had eaten nuts and subsequently kissed me, I could have an allergic reaction.

After bringing up the subject, I carried on delving deeper into the topic and talking about my previous situations with girls and how I had to ask them whether they had eaten nuts or not. Un-romantic I know…they usually responded with “don’t worry, I haven’t eaten nuts”, in a jokey way.

I finally managed to subtly ask this girl whether she’s eaten nuts without coming across as creepy. The moral of the story is that if you can pluck up enough confidence to tell your partner/stranger that you have a nut allergy, then it won’t seem so hard talking about the problems and issues further down the line.

Now, although most of you (I hope!) value your life enough to ask a girl or guy whether they’ve eaten nuts before you kiss them, of course, many of you (including myself on several occasions) will forget to ask. Luckily for me, I’ve never had any serious incidents in this field.

There will always come a time when you find yourself kissing someone and you’ve suddenly thought “Crap! What if they have eaten nuts and now I might have a reaction!!!”. It’s happened to me and will probably happen to you at some point. What I’ve done in these situations is simply tried to be as careful as I can afterwards.

I usually go and find my EpiPen® if it's not already with me just in case. Then, if anything bad happens, you can be safe and content that you have your medicine with you.


I personally take a bit of solace in simply telling a friend what’s just happened. I sometimes take an anti-histamine tablet just in case, this makes me feel I have peace of mind sometimes. I hope that this little awkward insight into my experiences has brought you a bit of comfort and might help you in the future. Remember, always be honest and upfront about your allergy and never be scared to ask or tell someone about your allergy.

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