Q&A with Allereview

May-Contain was one of the few blogs that I read and thought “I can connect to this”. II also realised that we were both trying to appeal to the same demographic, young people.

I’m super excited to introduce you to Andrew, who runs a restaurant review blog called Allereview. I have been in contact with Andrew for a fews months now, I am really happy to share with you Andrew’s story behind Allereview. We are looking forward to collaborating together in the near future on exciting projects to raise awareness for allergy suffers - Be sure to keep an eye out.

How did you come across May-Contain Allergy blog?

I was trying to find other allergy blogs and websites that focussed on eating out with allergies after I’d watched the documentary “Rotten” on Netflix. When I was doing this I came across May-Contain on Instagram and loved how it was based at young people.

Where did the idea behind your blog Allereviews come about?

I was watching the “Rotten” documentary on Netflix and there was an episode about nuts, they interviewed various different restaurant owners and got their views. In the documentary they spoke about people feeling comfortable when eating out, I wondered if there was a sort of website where allergy sufferers could review their dining experience at each restaurant. I was honestly pretty shocked when I struggled to find anything so I decided I would make of myself. I combined the ALLER part of allergy and the EVIEW part of review and Allereview was born.

I think it’s great that you have created a platform for people wanting to find out where to eat out with a nut allergy, what’s are the goals you want to achieve this year?

My goal is to reach as many people as possible and get a lot more reviews added by different people in different places. I also would like to work with other groups, such as May-Contain to create content that helps fellow young people with allergy. I am really excited by all the plans we have and opportunities that those will through up

How come you wanted to work alongside May-Contain to raise awareness for people with allergies?

May-contain was one of the few blogs that I read and thought “I can connect to this”. I also realised that we were both trying to appeal to the same demographic, young people. When I first reached out to May-Contain the response was the thing that made me sure I wanted to have a partnership. I quickly realised that we would be able to share ideas and resources to help raise awareness instead of trying to compete with one another which would have very possible resulted in the opposite happening.

I’m looking forward to working with you soon on a project to raise awareness. What’s the best piece of advice you have given to someone with an allergy?

My best piece of advice would have to be: Do not let your allergy stop you doing anything. Sometimes things might not seem possible but if you want to then you’ll make them possible. For young people it can be difficult to do somethings as parents and teachers are in charge and may actively discourage, or worse prevent, you from doing certain things. However, as you get older don’t be afraid to travel the world and go on dates to restaurants. Don’t let your allergy define you, just be sensible when you are traveling and eating out making sure you take plenty of antihistamine and epinephrine with you just incase.

Quickfire Round:

Texting or talking? Talking in person, I hate phone calls

Biggest pet peeve? People using P plates after they pass their driving test, I can maybe understand the first week but after that get them off.

Morning person or night owl? Night owl

Favourite pizza topping? Chicken, sweet corn and black olives

One thing you can’t live without? Chewing gum

If we got matching tattoos, what would they be? A peanut that says Nutters under it

Who was the last person to text you? Probably my Mum

Check out Andrew’s blog here: http://www.allereview.com/